Gorilla Glue Aqua BWR

Gorilla Glue Aqua BWR Adhesive is a specially formulated synthetic resin adhesive that has excellent boiling water resistance and also confirms high heat resistance. Gorilla Glue Aqua BWR is a solvent free and ready for use for various interior applications. It is generally intended for bonding wood base products.

Gorilla Glue Aqua BWR Hardbond

Gorilla Glue Aqua BWR Hardbond Adhesive is a strong and durable adhesive that can be used to bond a variety of materials, including wood, plywood, laminate, and MDF. It is waterproof and can be used to create watertight joints. It is heat resistant which helps to create joints that can withstand high temperatures.


Commonly used in joinery, furniture making, cabinetry,
and woodworking crafts. It creates a strong bond that
holds the wood pieces firmly in place.

Laminating and veneering projects where thin layers of
wood are bonded together. Gorilla Glue helps create
stable and durable laminated panels, tabletops, or decorative veneers.

Edge banding or veneer strips to the edges of the plywood or other composite boards, Gorilla glue is commonly used to secure them in place.

Surface bonding the laminate sheet to the underlying
substrate, which is often made of wood or particleboard.
Gorilla Glue creates a secure and permanent adhesion.

Installation of laminate wall panels, commonly found in
commercial spaces, offices, or residential interiors. It
helps adhere the panels to the wall, creating an
attractive and easy-to-maintain surface.

Technical Data

– Brand Name: Gorilla Glue Aqua BWR

– Product Name: Wood Adhesive

– Grade: Synthetic Resin Adhesive

– Form: Liquid

– Color: White

– Diluents: Water

– Curing Time: 3-4 Hours

– Final Bonding: 24 Hours

– Speciality: Water/Heat/Anti Termite Resistance

– Shelf Life: 12 Months Under Seal Pack Conciditon



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